Selemca Caredroid
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Zorgrobot Alice
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PhDO 8 Trust me, I'm a robot
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CRISP Selemca receives caredroid Alice

The Selemca group of CRISP has just received her flagship piece of hardware, the Alice Robokind robot designed by Hanson Robotics. This is the first of her kind in the world and it will be used as a platform to install the Silicon Coppélia software on to generate and regulate Alice’s emotions and so enhance user-friendliness.

Alice will be provided with the artificial moral reasoner Moral Coppélia, so that she can control her own behaviors according to medical ethical rules. She will use the computational model of creativity ACASIA to solve problems creatively, for example, playfully turning a spoon into an airplane to feed an unwilling child. Alice has full access to the Internet, which makes her a walking (medical) encyclopedia, storyteller, and knowledgeable conversation partner. In short, Alice will be creating a care provider that is both intelligent, sensitive, creative, and entertaining.

With the Selemca research of CRISP the Creative Care Lab of Waag develops scenarios for the caredroid, to research and test the use of caredroids in healthcare.