The designer as researcher and visa-versa

How to position yourself in the field of design research? As a researching designer of as designing researcher? This theme was explored at the third design research hotpot, that took place on Wednesday 19 June. This edition of the evening was organized at design agency Muzus in The Hague. Sanne and Neele welcomed the participants in their atmospheric studio, to involve them in an inspiring discussion.

The ‘design researcher’ is often seen as a curious researcher or as a creative designer, but not as someone that embodies both capacities. How to explain to customers the powers of the combination between design and research? We discussed how we encounter this in practice and exchanged experiences.

Most people agreed that it is and added value if research and design can be paired, as this lead to more 'fitting' solutions. It also was emphasized that it is an asset if people from different background can work together. This group of people existed mainly of industrial designers that noted that much can be learned from antropologists, philosophers an psychologists to add more depth to their concepts. 

So the idea emerged to invite experts with a background in philosophy or psychology for the next hotpot meeting, to discover how the different disciplines can learn from each other.