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Digital Theatre. A Casebook published

Pam de Sterke and Dick van Dijk of Waag collaborated in a new publication of the European Theatre Lab: Digital Theatre. A Casebook. The publication was presented at Ars Electronica Festival 2018 (Linz/Austria), one of the largest international festivals for art, technology and society.

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Sharing knowledge, experience and findings with the wider creative sector

'Digital Theatre. A Casebook' offers guidance through hands-on examples taken from the daily work in researching, testing and implementing new technologies in theatre. Published by the European Theatre Convention, it presents findings and reflections for the creative community based on the two-year project European Theatre Lab: Drama goes digital, an artistic and international cross-sectoral collaboration between major European public theatres and scientific institutions.

"'Digital Theatre. A Casebook' is about sharing knowledge with the creative community; it is an invitation for artists, scientists, theatre professionals and cultural and societal decision makers to learn from our experiences.”

– Heidi Wiley, ETC Executive Director

Digital transformation changes the way we produce, distribute and circulate content – including theatrical works. Having worked on a variety of issues such as cross-border mobility, multilingualism, peer learning and new dissemination methods, ETC combines its experience regarding artistic work with institutional and structural requirements for the digital change.

Enclosed to the casebook, the white paper 'Drama goes digital vs Theatre invades digital' presents suggestions and recommendations identified for publicly funded theatres, policymakers and funders at a local, national and European level to tackle challenges for theatres while addressing digital transformation.

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