Pam de Sterke

Pam de SterkeHead of Learn Programme

Pam was Head of Learn Programme at Waag (Future Heritage Lab, Maker Education Lab and Co-creation Lab). Her work at Waag was a way in which she could host societal change, using her expertise on creative processes, her ability to connect people and her experience in establishing promising initiatives.

She is Master of Arts in theatre dramaturgy (University of Amsterdam, 2007) and is experienced in coordinating artistic research projects. Pam created the organisational basis for a media lab for artistic research and higher education in the performing arts at Utrecht University of the Arts. She is interested in interactive performative work, site-specific, and immersive theatre.

Pam has a broad experience in managing group intervention events, co-creation sessions and hosting communities: from managing group-intervention events in change management context for corporate clients to hosting a network of social entrepreneurs of Impact Hub Amsterdam, to members of a temporary intentional community. She is trained in the MG Taylor methodology of Capgemini’s ASE. As well as in a wide variety of methods gathered and shared through the Art of Hosting community and the Living Wholeness Institute.

Current projects

Critical ChangeLabs
Maker Education Lab

Critical ChangeLabs

Young people are the future of democracy. In our Critical ChangeLabs project, we research how we can build notions of active citizenship amongst young people, 11 to 18 years old.


Tracks4Crafts seeks to personify and define a crafts person 2.0. In this project, we seek a future-proof heritage approach that enriches crafts and makes them more resilient where possible, without losing the characteristic features of craft heritage.
Maker Education Lab

Technological Citizenship

An investigation into the role of creative making processes in developing citizenship skills among young people in a digital society.
Maker Education Lab

Good Game

A theatre performance created by gamers about gaming. In it, young gamers composed their own music via software, which is ideally a metaphor for learning code (programming language).
Maker Education Lab

Quantum Inspire

The potential of quantum technology is enormous, but how do we get the conversation in society started about the impact?
Fablearn onderwijsconferentie

Innovating textile education for VMBO

Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam and Waag are innovating textile education by developing a learning line in textiles for students on the VMBO level.
Maakplaats Reigersbos FabSchool
Maker Education Lab

Make it Open

Transforming schools into community partnerships. Maker education and citizen science function as a transformative approach for Open Schooling.
Future Heritage Lab


Nine cities, including Amsterdam, are working together to develop inclusive and sustainable Fab City Hubs at industrial heritage sites.

Closed projects

Fotoverslag: processie garage Kempering “The Last Nine Days Of Garage Kempering”
Future Heritage Lab

Mixed Reality for heritage

In the Mixed Reality project, Waag is researching the use of MR and how it can contribute to the experience of a heritage location.
Participatie Waternet
Smart Citizens Lab

Participation @ Waternet

Waternet strives to make the participative approach their standard approach in working, when possible and relevant. Waag's Smart Citizen Lab, aimed at citizen science, will help Waternet in taking the first step from pilots to a new policy.
Een man weeft jacquard in het Haus der Seidenkultur
Future Heritage Lab


In Mingei 9 European partners collaborated to digitise and unlock the (in)tangible aspect of crafts.
SySTEM 2020 learning outside the classroom
Maker Education Lab

SySTEM 2020

The SySTEM 2020 project is aimed at connecting STEAM learning outside the classroom.
Oude Kerk
Future Heritage Lab

Mixed Reality @ Oude Kerk

This project was a collaboration between Waag and Oude Kerk with the aim to research the applications of mixed reality technology.
Co-creation navigator map
Co-creation Lab

Co-creation navigator

Co-creation is a powerful way to deal with 'wicked problems' and innovate your professional practice.
meSch tools
Digital Curation Lab

Mobile app for medieval imagery

Together with the CKD Waag developed a mobile app to make stories about mediaeval choir stalls more accessible.
DO IT - Maakplaats 021
Maker Education Lab


DO IT contributes to youth employment and to create new jobs in the social economy by nurturing in young pupils seeds for active social innovation: entrepreneurial mind-sets, knowhow and skills.
Librarian Maker Camp
Maker Education Lab

Librarian Maker Camp

To school librarians in the latest make techniques, Waag has developed the Librarian Maker Camp.
Hortus Chat app
Future Heritage Lab

Hortus Chat app

Hortus Chat is a smartphone application for visitors to engage in a dialogue with plants.
ABC van het maken
Maker Education Lab

The ABC of Making

The world needs a new generation of critical makers and designers. Maker education can help with that.
DDS Avatars
Future Heritage Lab

The Digital City revives

We aren’t doing enough to preserve our digital lives for the future, so we lose crucial information.
Smart Kids Lab, Marineterrein Amsterdam, Smart Kids Lab
Creative Learning Lab

Smart Kids Lab

The Smart Kids Lab enables children to map their environment in a playful way, by using modern technology and instruments.
Onderwijsdata onder de loep
Creative Learning Lab

Open data for education

Pupils, their parents, teachers and school management all need access to relevant and structured information about their form of education.
Big Picnic
Co-creation Lab


Within the BigPicnic project, 18 European partners worked together to bring 'food security' to the attention of their city's citizens.
Future Heritage Lab

Archive lab: Bootcamps

In collaboration with the National Archive/Progamme Archive 2020 and Utrecht University, Waag organized two multidisciplinary bootcamps to explore the future of the archives sector.