Fabschoolino: a versatile tool

The Fabschoolino is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves soldering, electronics, crafts and programming. A Fabschoolino mini computer is used to control things, such as a marble track, a traffic light or a door alarm.

  • Build your own mini computer with Arduino
  • Step-by-step soldering instructions
  • Ready? Start programming!

Order your Fabschoolino for just € 20 at Conrad

Soldering and programming yourself

The do-it-yourself mini computer Fabschoolino has been specially developed for the young maker within the FabSchool learning programme of Waag. The Arduino-based microcontroller is a kit that you completely have to solder and program yourself.

For schools, maker spaces and handy parents

Take the Fabschoolino with your children to go on a creative and technical journey of discovery. The box contains a nice set of components to start your own creative electronics project from scratch. All parts for the following projects are included in the box:

  • TV-B-Gone: program your Fabschoolino so you can turn off all the TVs in the area at once.
  • Door alarm: create a door alarm with your Fabschoolino so that nobody walks into the room unnoticed.
  • Traffic light: use your Fabschoolino to build a traffic light that measures the distance. The light will turn red if an object comes too close.

Look at fabschoolino.waag.org for the instructions. Available in English.