Fabschoolino - deuralarm maken

Mini computer kit for kids: Fabschoolino

Fabschoolino was a do-it-yourself mini-computer specially developed for the young makers within Waag's Fabschool programme. The Arduino-based microcontroller included a kit that you could solder and program yourself.

For schools, makerspaces and handy parents

With the Fabschoolino, you could go on a creative and technical exploration with your children. The box contained a fun set of components to start your own creative electronics project from scratch. All components for the following projects were included in the box:

TV-B-Gone: programme your Fabschoolino to turn off all televisions in the area at once.Door alarm: use your Fabschoolino to make a door alarm so that no one walks into the room unnoticed.Stop light: use your Fabschoolino to build a stop light that measures distance. The light jumps to red when an object gets too close.

The Fabschoolino sold out in 2019 and is no longer in production. Read more about Fabschool at Waag.