Fairphone 2 reaches crowdfunding goal

Wednesday 30 September was the deadline for crowdfunding of the second version of Fairphone, the partly modular smartphone that aims to be a fair and sustainable product. The target of the company was to reach 15.000 pre-orders for the new device, which goal was easily met. The production of the second edition can therefore now start.

Fairphone 2 has a 5 inch full-hd screen, a Snapdragon 801-chip, an 8 megapixel camera and 32GB storage. It works with Android 5.1 Lollipop and comes with a dual-sim slot. It is priced at 525 euro.

Parts replacement

The new model is partly modular: the user is able to replace a number of parts, like the screen, the camera and the loudspeaker. This makes the unit more durable, and easier to repair.

Fairphone also tries to use as much conflict-free resources as possible and initiates programmes to improve the working conditions at factories. Fairphone originates from an open design research project by Waag, ActionAid and SchrijfSchrijf.