FabSchool Kids centrum 2016

First conference maker education held

On Firday 11 December 2015, the first national work conference of the Platform Maker Education took place at MakerSchool X11 in Utrecht. The aim was to gather with about 25-35 pioneers from schools, FabLabs, libraries and other partners to work on Maker Education in the Netherlands. But so many enthusiastic reactions were received that in the end, 48 experts from all over the country came to Utrecht. To be inspired, but also to make practical plans for the (near) future and to work out the details. A second conference is planned at the end of this school year.

Maker Education is learning by making. Platform Maker Education gives an impuls to the bottom-up maker education movement in The Netherlands. It aims to share knowledge and information, map the different activities in The Netherlands and to make learning materials available.

Read the full report of the conference (in Dutch) - download the pdf