#goedID. Our digital identity is not for trade

At the end of January, the bill for digital goverment passes the Dutch parliament. In this bill is the renewal and expansion of the Dutch digital identification provider for governmental services, DigiD. Because of the importance of good digital identity, Waag is critically following this process. We are worried that the bill, as it is formulated now, does not offer enough trust. In the current bill, there is an opening for big tech to use personal data from Dutch citizens for their own surveillance economy.

A good digital ID is a pillar for a digitized society that is safe and reliable.

Our digital identity is not for trade.

This is why we are proposing five statements, that in our view form the minimum of what has to be recognized and warranted in order to develop a safe digital identity for all Dutchmen.

Warrants for a #goedID

  • A good digital ID only serves the public interest.
  • A good digital ID is transparent, can be monitored by everyone, and uses open source software.
  • A good digital ID does not centrally process personal data or user data.
  • A good digital ID is easy to use, widely applicable and a facilitator of online authenticity.
  • A good digital ID enhances the position, the safety and the trust of all Dutch citizens in the digital world.


What can you do?

As an organisation, support #goedID.

As a citizen, e-mail or tweet our MP's to let them know we don't want our social security numbers to serve as online verification by and for private parties.

More information in Dutch on the #goedID website.