GOOD GAME performance: an ode to gaming and gamer

A performance made by gamers, even for those who don't understand anything about it.

The future is digital: a world that gamers are helping to shape. GOOD GAME (GG) is a musical theatre performance about gaming and gives the audience a gaming experience in real life. The performance is created by gamers in collaboration with professional theatre makers from Studio 52nd and Het Geluid Maastricht. The text, choreography and music were created with input from young gamers. In the performance GOOD GAME, young people themselves give insight into the added value and pitfalls of gaming. The post-show discussion accompanying the performances will address how we relate to our digital lives. After all, how do we regulate ourselves and why is that important? Waag Futurelab contributed to the development of a series of music workshops for young people in which they learned musical and technological skills and were challenged to contribute in collaboration to a bigger picture: a music-theatre performance.

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