How to become a better factory: Watch the livestream

Better Factory is a European Commission funded project that offers teams consisting of one manufacturing SME, one artist and one technology supplier grants up to €200K to re-design the services or products of the manufacturing SME. In other words, to become a ‘better factory’ as the name suggests. 

You can watch the Better Factory Live Stream interview to see how to apply for the second Better Factory Open Call on 1 September, 2022!

This June, Better Factory joined the European Robotics Forum for a Live Stream interview. At the S+T+ARTS (Science, Technology and Arts) booth, four of the Better Factory partners gave an update on:

•    The status of Better Factory
•    How the KTE teams are coming along with their work
•    How to apply for the next Open Call

Each of the four speakers showed a different side of the project:

•    Paula Cervera, Dissemination partner (Mobile World Capital)
•    Ali Muhammad, Technical Coordinator of Better Factory (European Dynamics)
•    Tânia Moreira (Inova+)
•    Antonio Montalvo (Fundingbox)

The Better Factory consortium consists of 28 project partners in total.

The first and second Better Factory Open Call

The first Open Call has just closed its round of (optional) Expression of Interest applications, which saw 185 applicants of artists, technology suppliers and manufacturing SME’s. After a matching process and formation, the final teams will receive the right support in order prepare a successful application for the second open Open Call, which opens on 1 September, 2022.


If successful, the teams chosen to take part in the second round of Better Factory will explore new markets using digital tools, test and develop new lean-agile production technologies, make deals through the Robotics and Automation MarketPlace (RAMP), access training to re-skill staff, receive business support and mentoring, and to get up to €200K funding.

If you missed the Expression of Interest and would still like to apply for the Open Call as an individual manufacturing SME, artist or technology supplier, it’s not too late. Check out our information on the application process, or contact Better Factory for more information.

About the projects

The Live Stream at European Robotics Forum was a joint effort of the projects S+T+ARTS, Better Factory and VOJEXT. 

Science, Technology and the Arts (STARTS for short) is a European Commissioned initiative that supports the collaboration between the three disciplines. By handing out two yearly STARTS Prizes, the aim is to foster innovation in order to tackle economic, social and technological challenges that face today’s Europe. Waag is one of its consortium partners next to Ars Electronica and Bozar Brussels, amongst others.

Better Factory
Better Factory is a European project that provides methodology and opportunities for European manufacturers to collaborate with artists at developing new and personalized products. Better Factory is part of STARTS.

By collaborating with artists, technology partners and manufacturers, the European consortium project VOJEXT addresses human-robot interaction that contributes to today’s societal and also environmental challenges. This project is part of STARTS.





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Better Factory has received funding from the European Commission under the H2020-DT-ICT-03-2020 call under Grant Agreement number 951813.