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Innovation Contests for Open Data Re-use

ePSI Platform published a report called 'Innovation Contests for Open Data Re-use', written by Antti Poikala en Frank Kresin (Waag). It can be downloaded under a Creative Commons Attribute license.

By now we've seen many open data app contests, in many forms, all around world. In a way, this continuous sprawl is a success in itself. However, there are certain common themes emerging. There is a demand and a need to learn from each other and to design better and more sustainable models for boosting the innovation around open data.

This topic report will bring together insights from contest organisers from various countries. The insights are based on a meeting of over twenty-fve app contest organisers in Helsinki during the Open Knowledge Festival in September 2012 and on a questionnaire that was sent out to over sixty app contest developers. From this, we have compiled the most useful lessons learned. What can be expected from running a contest? What ingredients make a contest successful? What caveats should be avoided? What can be done to create sustainable impact? Who should be involved, at what stage, and to what end? EPSI hopes these insights will be beneficial to new contest organisers and will help create new editions of existing contests."

Download the report here (pdf)



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This project has received funding from Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme of the European Commission.