Lecture in the Heineken Music Hall

This week I attended a lecture from the Amsterdam University of Applied Science (HvA). The lecture took place in the Heineken Music Hall. This is where the 2.000 first year’s students heard all about their assignment for this week's project Students in Motion: Build an app for the visitors and residents of Amsterdam. Why? To get to know each other and the city of Amsterdam.

Waag organizes several app contests, such as Apps for Amsterdam, and is asked by the HvA to give the students advice. Their concepts must be focussed on a specific neighbourhood in Amsterdam and build upon open data. During this week they can visit the Waag building on the Nieuwmarkt for some personal advice.

I wonder whether they will follow up Lucas Tieleman’s advice to focus on bad ideas. According to him bad ideas are way more successful. Come one, who would have thought that shooting angry birds towards some naughty pigs would be a big hit in the app store?

Check the photos here.



Maike Bisseling