Mode@MOTI Masterclass

Producing shoes with a 3D printer (Pauline van Dongen) or getting a sneak preview or the latest fashion items on your smartphone and simultaneously feel the fabric. The mystical combination of technology and fashion is making waves in the design world. Technology opens up endless possibilities. But what does this new techno-fashion combination mean for the role of designers and the future of couture? 

During the Mode@MOTI (Museum Of The Image) masterclass on 20 March 2013, several experts shared their insights in the field of (smart) textiles. Jose Teunissen and Anneke Smelik dived into the changes that a fashion item can communicate. Fashion will still be carrying your identity in the future, but the endless new possibilities (like the choice of fabrics) will redefine identity in both the real and the virtual world. Simon Thorogood showed us his design tool Soundwear. He uses music or sounds as an input method for designing patterns for his garments.

In the afternoon, three design teams described their first thoughts and visions for a new concept to be developed in the coming months. A challenging combination of technology and design can be found in the teams that MOTI has put together. Like Pauline van Dongen (fashion designer) and Ralf Jacobs (scientist and technician), who will bundle their powers. Surprising combinations do create high expectations of the outcome, that will be presented at the Mode Biennale Arnhem. What will await us there: a jacket 'smart' enough to recover itself or a whole new look at the catwalk? We will see, next June 2013! 

(Thanks to Joes Janmaat, intern for COMMIT /Touch at Waag)



Astrid van Roij-Lubsen