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Better Factory

Open Call: Better Factory

From the Better Factory project we present an open call for artists, manufacturers and tech suppliers! This call enables you to enter new markets with customisable, personalised products or service portfolios. The idea is to spur new innovations together, on the path to digital transformation. Consortia can receive up to 200.000 euros of equity-free funding. This call is a great opportunity for artists who seek to expand their creative frontiers.

Deadline open call: 18th of March 2021

About Better Factory

Better Factory is a European innovation network that brings together key actors in art, technology and the innovation landscape. It is also one of the three new S+T+ARTS Digital Innovation Hubs. Waag is one of the partners within the network. We will mentor artists that are accepted for the collaborations. 

Better Factory aims to deliver a standardized solution for Small and Medium-sized Manufacturers (SMEs) to invent and manufacture new and personalized products and create services around them. With the open call, the network invites three groups to apply for the call: Manufacturing SMEs, Artists and Tech Suppliers. 

Better Factory
Apply now for a chance to enter one of the consortia which will:

  • Explore new markets using digital technologies
  • Test and develop new Lean-Agile production technologies with RAMP
  • Access training to re-skill staff
  • Get business support and mentoring
  • Receive up to EUR 200,000 equity-free funding

How does it work?

After a matchmaking process, the manufacturing SMEs, artists, and tech suppliers will be able to apply to the first Better Factory Open Call for Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTE). Joint proposals from consortia composed of one manufacturing SME, one artist, and one tech supplier will be welcomed. Consortia not having followed the matchmaking process will be eligible too.

During the four-year lifetime of the Better Factory project, two open calls will be launched. A total of 8 KTEs will be selected for funding per open call.

Until when is the call open for applications?

The call is open for applications for artists, manufacturers and tech suppliers until the 18th of March 2021.

How do I apply?

KTEs will prioritise the following sectors:

  • Plastic and Rubber
  • Furniture and Wood
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Metal and Machinery
  • Textile and Leather

More information

Eager to find out more? Go to or join the Better Factory webinar on Monday the 15th of February 2021 10:00 - 13:00. In the webinar, we will give more information on the three individual calls for manufacturing SMEs, artists and tech suppliers. 



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