Open Environmental Sensing Toolkit

Open Environmental Sensing Toolkit

The Open Environmental Sensing Toolkit can be used as a guideline for developing open hardware for environmental sensing. Co-creating devices such as meters for air quality or sound level disturbance together with citizens will lead to better problem-solving in the local environment. Not to mention the benefits of open-source hardware: by sharing your process, others can learn and build upon what you have made, and vice versa.

The Open Environmental Sensing toolkit is developed by Waag Futurelab as an adaptation on paper of the digital 'Transforming Citizen Sensing Toolkit'. The digital 'Transforming Citizen Sensing Toolkit' was developed on the Miro platform and it was used during the series of four online workshops called 'Transforming Citizen Sensing Design Sprint' to tackle air quality issues and concerns. The Design Sprint was released in the context of Open Next.

Open Next is a European project that aims to provide access to and share current open source technology, to create collaboration between the Fab Labs community and companies, to work with open source hardware to co-develop products and services with makers and their customers, and to document these journeys and to share all the results of this project.

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Open Next has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 869984.