Winnaars Privacy Awards 2019
St. Privacy First BY-NC-SA

Privacy award for PublicSpaces

The Dutch Privacy Awards were presented during the National Privacy Conference. These Awards provide a platform for companies and governments that view privacy as an opportunity to distinguish themselves positively and to make privacy-friendly entrepreneurship and innovation a standard.

The winners of the Dutch Privacy Awards 2019 are and Privacy Company in combination with SURF. The initiative PublicSpaces received the Incentive Award. Tom Demeyer of Waag received the award on the international day of privacy (28 January 2019).

The jury about PublicSpaces

On the internet, many things happen that we do not see or notice (especially advertising based on search behaviour). In the meantime, we are becoming increasingly dependent on navigation, the cloud storage of our documents and the search for information. It seems that only a few dominant commercial companies profit from this situation.

PublicSpaces is a coalition of public broadcasters and cultural institutions that want to make the Internet a community of users. They want to repair the internet with a number of interested parties by offering a few alternatives in a very concrete way. Especially the inheritance of data across different platforms is a thorn in the eye. With open source initiatives, but also the efforts of our previous winner IRMA, they want to contribute to the public value of privacy on the internet. The jury strongly encourages the mission of PublicSpaces!

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