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Prototyping in the design process

FAKE IT/MAKE IT is the title of the third CRISP magazine, this issue is completely about prototyping in the design process. The magazine was launched at the Design Review Sessions; 17th of April, Delft. 

Prototyping can be scary because it is always a step in the dark, it is about trying something new. You may reduce the risks, but if you try to take away all that is risky, you might never get to the actual prototyping part. When it comes to prototyping, especially for PSSs, there is value in approaching it not as a scientific experiment, but as play.” With this statement Marte den Hollander, senior designer NPK design and editor of this newissue, makes clear that prototyping is not an easy task. In fact she states that perhaps CRISP can be seen as one big PSS prototype.

In this 3rd CRISP magazine on prototyping you can find out for yourselves whether that is indeed the case. The magazine highlights many different visions on the meaning and purpose of prototyping, especially when it concerns Product Service Systems. We challenge you to take a step in the dark; there is definitely value in approaching it!

For more information, please turn to the Dutch version of this blog post.