Smart Citizen Kit: the findings

In February of this year the experiment in Amsterdam with the Smart Citizen Kit started, in which citizens could measure the environment at their own location with affordable electronics and sensors and share the results online in real time. Now it is time to draw the conclusions and we have put all our findings in a final report (that includes a summary in English at the end).

Download a copy (pdf) - includes English summary at the end

In this project, the main research question was “is it possible to collect data from your own environment with affordable electronics and sensors?” The answer is that this was only partially possible. For further experiments, reliable measuring results are an important condition to be able to compare the data.

On the other hand, we gathered many experiences and knowledge during the pilot period, involved a relatively large group of active citizens and connected to many official measuring institutes that we think are very valuable for future measuring experiments with citizens. Waag en Amsterdam Smart City intend to take the next steps after the Summer of 2014.