Smart Citizen Kit: the next steps

With the Smart Citizen Kit (SCK), citizens of Amsterdam have measured their environment in real time during a test period from March till June 2014, organized by Waag, Amsterdam Smart City and the Amsterdam Economic Board.

The low-cost sensors in the kit, developed in Barcelona, measure air composition (CO and NO2), temperature, light intensity, noise level, and humidity. The small kit can be placed near a window or balcony and exists of a hardware device, a website where the data is collected, an online API and a mobile app.

SCK version 1.1
The experiment was conducted with the improved 1.1 version of the SCK. It looks almost the same, but it uses a LilyPad USB Arduino (the base of the kit) and an adjusted (smaller) set of sensors.

  • The Amsterdam participants received their kits from the end of February until April 2014.
  • We organized an expertmeeting with in April.
  • We held talks with official instutions like GGD Amsterdam, RIVM and TNO.
  • We organized a special week in May with the participants and a Smart Citizen Café.
  • At the end of the project in June, the results were evaluated with the participants.
  • In August 2014, a final report will follow with our findings.