Smart Citizens in Amsterdam measure environment

In Amsterdam, the Smart Citizen Kit project started in April 2014. Citizens in Amsterdam are measuring air quality in their own environment with affordable sensors and electronics. By connecting the kit to their wireless network the sensors values are directly visible at a website.

Waag about this project:

"Amsterdam has one of the highest levels of nitrogen dioxide in Europe. The air pollution is measured in the city, but this is done at a number of fixed measuring points and not at street level. The remarkable feature of this project is that citizens themselves are measuring the environment. It is an experiment, because we want to know whether these sensors are suitable for this purpose. After three months we will evaluate the results together with the participants."

The sensor kits are provided by Amsterdam Smart City, supported by the City of Amsterdam. Apart from two toxic gasses (NO2 and CO), the kit registrates light, noise, temperature, humidity and wireless networks in the surroundings.