One Internet
World of Internet Divides

Three possible futures of the Internet

An important, new report titled ‘One Internet’ (published by the Global Commission on Internet Governance) offers three possible scenarios for the future of the Internet:

  1. A Dangerous & Broken Cyberspace
  2. Uneven & Unequal Gains Stunted Growth
  3. Broad, Unprecedented Progress

Half of the world’s population now uses the Internet to connect, communicate and interact. But basic access to the Internet is under threat, the technology that underpins it is increasingly unstable, and a growing number of people don’t trust it to be secure. The Global Commission on Internet Governance provides recommendations and practical advice on the future of the Internet. Its primary objective is the creation of “One Internet” that is protected, accessible to all and trusted by everyone. In its final report, the Commission puts forward key steps that everyone needs to take to achieve an Open, Secure, Trustworthy, and Inclusive Internet.

“To continue to be effective, Internet governance will need to be more inclusive and more distributed.”

The report, published by CIGI and Chatham House, is available under a Creative Commons license. A highly recommend read!

Download a copy (pdf)
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In 2014, Waag researched current state of the Internet in ‘Fix the Internet’, after the revelations of Edward Snowden.