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Trust or distrust in healthcare?

One of the most named reasons not to use Facebook is privacy concerns. What happens to my data? Who has access to it? Can it be misused? Such distrust also exists when we come to speak about technology that is used e.g. in care at distance situations (so-called telecare). 

Creating trust and privacy safety are important to people and essential for the acceptance of new technology in healthcare. To get some insight in the way both patients and professionals think about this, Waag’s Creative Care Lab held a co-creation session on 12 September 2012 in Enschede in cooperation with Roessingh Research & Development, Roessingh Centrum voor Revalidatie and VitalHealth. In the morning we held an interactive session with patients/clients to answer questions like: "Do you trust care at distance systems? When would you trust these and why?" A similar session was held with professionals later on the day.


These sessions were part of the larger research programme called COMMIT. Within COMMIT universities, companies and knowledge institutions in ICT work at ‘user-driven’, fundamental research of the use of ICT in healthcare and work.