Waag as node in Smart Citizen project

What are the real levels of air pollution around your home or business? And what about noise pollution? and humidity? Now imagine that you could know them, share instantly and compare with other places in your city, in real time ... How could this information help to improve our environment quality?

The Smart Citizen of FabLab Barcelona wants to answer these questions through the development of low-cost sensors. The Waag building in Amsterdam has temporary become one of the nodes in the network. The sensors (within the buidling) are reading the following data: temperature (°C), humidity (%), CO (carbon monoxide), NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), light and noise (dB) levels.

The Smart Citizen project has been developed from FabLab Barcelona and the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, both focused centers on the impact of new technologies at different scales of human habitat, from the bits to geography. It is developed in collaboration with Hangar. The web platform has been developed thanks to OpenStreetMap, Leaflet, Raphaël, jQuery, CakePHP, and many more... The actual project is open source and available on Github.