Waag at WeMakeThe.City

Are you looking for new healthcare solutions? Working on an alternative for Facebook? Searching for ways to involve 'Smart Citizens' in policy development? Do you want to know how art, science and technology can reinforce each other? Do you want to encounter all these topics in one festival?

From 20 to 24 June, Amsterdam is dedicated to the WeMakeThe.City festival. Waag is co-organizer of the festival and has a packed program for the whole week with events that you can attend!

An overview of all Waag events during the festival!

Tuesday 19 June

Public Stack Summit 09:30-17:00
Tuesday before the festival, a boat sails out 'to fix a broken internet'. A day dedicated to the public stack; the collection of open, fair and inclusive alternatives for the entire stack. From open source alternative operating systems, to decentralized social media and from cloud services without google to secure messaging apps. Do you work on an open alternative in the public stack? Join our Public Stack Summit!

Wednesday 20 June

Setting the Urban Agenda of Tomorrow 19:00-21:15 @Amsterdam Theatre, Amsterdam
During the opening programme Kate Raworth, Marleen Stikker, Toni Griffin, Francesca Bria, Gabriella Gómez-Mont, Aisha Bin Bishr, and others, will answer the questions are key to this first edition of the WeMakeThe.City festival: What kind of city do we want to live in, in five, ten or fifteen years time? And how do we make the city of the future; inclusive, sustainable, affordable, safe and prosperous? More info & tickets here.

Thursday 21 June

Next Generation Cities 10:00-17:00 @Q Factory, Amsterdam
Waag will organize a conference with inspiring keynote speakers, break-out sessions and panel discussions about inclusive digital transformation strategies. Some confirmed names are CTO from London, Theo Blackwell and founder of the Free Software Foundation Richard Stallman. The question: 'who is the boss in the city?' Is increasingly relevant and will be highlighted from different angles. More info & tickets here.

Amsterdam Sounds 19:00 - 21:00 @Waag, Amsterdam
How do you experience sound in your neighbourhood: the café around the corner, your neighbours or the nearby traffic? Or are you curious about the noise level you are exposed to during a festival? During this workshop we research noise and noise pollution, explore measuring strategies and use sensors to measure noise. Together we map sound in the city to then explore solutions and the possibilities of setting up a citizens’ measuring network. More info & tickets here.

We Charge the City 14:30-21:00 @Parool Theater, Amsterdam
More and more people live in and around cities, putting them under an increasing amount of strain. The challenge is to make our cities liveable, healthy and sustainable – now and in the future. To accomplish this we need creative, innovative solutions. Together, the creative industry and the research world offer just that: opportunities and new insights that bring the future within our grasp. Marleen Stikker will discuss the topic of smart liveable cities. More info & tickets here.

Iedereen gezond 09:30-16:30 @AMC, Amsterdam Zuidoost
The impact of an urban environment on the health of its inhabitants is great. A large number of people on a small surface puts pressure on, among other things, hygiene, air quality, space for green and openness, and the possibility to move. This event is Dutch spoken. More info & tickets here.

Friday 22 June

Starts Talks 15:00-16:30 @CIRCL, Amsterdam Zuid
STARTS Talks bring prominent practitioners and speakers in combination with STARTS Prize winners, honorary mentions and nominees to present their work and vision on the interactions between science, technology and the arts, its pitfalls and challenges. More info & tickets here.

Saturday 23 June

Open Fablab & Wetlab 13:00-16:00 @Waag, Amsterdam
Are you curious what our Fablab of Wetlab can mean for you? During this extra open day you can visit the mother of maker spaces! Learn about digital fabrication, the maker movement or discover our biolab, as part of WeMakeThe.City festival. More info here.