The main source of complaints at Ombudsman Metropool Amsterdam is noise pollution. Besides that, Action Plan Sound 2015 – 2018 shows that 6.1% of all residents in Amsterdam experience serious noise nuicance. Noice is the second most important environmental factor that harms the health of citizens. Amsterdam’s policy focuses mainly on tackling problems in traffic and does not focus sufficiently on other forms of noise pollution.

Amsterdam Sounds

Amsterdam Metropolitan Ombudsman, the city of Amsterdam, Sensing Clues and Waag are working together in the Amsterdam Sounds project to gain insights into new citizen science methods with as result concrete action against noise pollution in the city. By measuring noise with citizens at places with a high level of nuisance and by analyzing and visualizing the new data, a shared picture of the problem arises. This creates space for a different conversation between stakeholders, for new solutions and for opportunities for renewed trust. The goal is that this will lead to new policy that meets the local needs.

Project duration

1 May 2018 - 1 Jul 2021





  • Ombudsman Metropool Amsterdam
  • Gemeente Amsterdam
  • Sensing Clues
  • Sensemakers Amsterdam