A colourful new story! #natural dyes

6-5-21 19:30 - 6-5-21 21:00

The third workshop of the Reflow project, aimed at promoting the circular use of textiles in Amsterdam: do not let your textiles go to waste! In this workshop, you will learn how to give your garments new life through the technique of natural dyeing. You will be sent a DIY kit and you join the online workshop on May 6th from 19:30 to 21:00 hrs. This workshop is English spoken. Unfortunately, this workshop is sold out. Keep an eye on our website to follow the recorded workshop at a later moment.

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Do Your Old Garments Need Some Colour in their Lives?
This third Reflow workshop will be hosted by Cor Botanicals and will provide the knowledge and resources necessary for giving your old clothes a new life by passing down the ancient technique of natural dyeing!

The workshop will focus on the application of natural dyeing as a way to both upcycle your aged, white garments AND reconnect with nature. You will explore the entire process of natural dyeing, from the pre-dyeing fabric treatment, to the technique of dyeing itself, to experimenting with pH colour modifying. 

As part of the workshop, you will receive at home a kit with all the tools necessary to follow the exercises.
Please note that the kit can be delivered in The Netherlands only.

- Mix of fabrics swatches and yarns to be dyed
- Pipettes & Petri Dishes 

Dyes (30-50g each)
- Madder Root Extract 
- Campeche Logwood Extract 
- Henna 
- Cutch Powder 
- Oak Apple 

Mordants & Modifiers
- 50 g Alum
- 50 g Iron Sulfate
- 50 g Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash)

Before the workshop you will receive an email with additional instructions on how to prepare for the evening.

After the workshop you will have the knowledge and freedom to experiment with different natural ingredients from your kitchen, garden or local parks to recolour your wardrobe and give your clothes a new life. 

Join us and become a circular hero!

Unfortunately, this workshop is sold out. Keep an eye on our website to follow the recorded workshop at a later moment.