FairPhone Design Challenge: a phone that lasts
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FairPhone Design Expo and Party

FairPhone already has its first 10,000 subscribers and it will not be long before the first model of the mobile phone will be available on the market. Reasons enough for a party. And everyone who is interested in gadgets, design, conscious living and honest consuming is invited!

Hear what motivates FairPhone-founder Bas van Abel, swing to the sounds of Amsterdam Beat Club, enjoy delicious cocktails and explore futuristic design concepts for the FairPhone of the future in a pop-up expo.

Design Bootcamp
Prior to this evening Waag and FairPhone organize a Design Bootcamp. Fifteen professional designers will be working on several questions for three days in a row: What does the phone of the future look like? And what design is needed to built a mobile phone that can be fully recycled?

Designers from companies like Vodafone (DL), Dawn (NL) and Forum of the Future (UK) will join the bootcamp. The results can be seen during the Release Party in a pop-up exhibit.

Bas van Abel (CEO FairPhone) decided to make an honest alternative for the mobile phones that are now on the market: the FairPhone. He is currently preparing the launch of the first model. We will ask him how he, with some wanderings towards Congo and the Google Campus in London, came to where he is today. And how FairPhone changed his life.

Michael Schaap
Who are the early adopters of the FairPhone? Documentary maker Michael Schaap (aka ‘De Hokjesman’) examines this question in a cultural-anthropological manner. Who are the people that love beautiful gadgets, but do not want to harm the planet? Do they wash their designer clothes with ecological soap? Do they all vote left? And do they really plant a tree to compensate for their CO2 emissions every time they fly to Milan for a shopping spree? Michael was involved with FairPhone from the very beginning. In 2011, he went to Congo with the team to check out the situation in and around the mines with his own eyes and to document it.

19.30 Doors open
20.00 Welcome and introduction by Sacha van Tongeren (FairPhone Foundation Board Member)
20.05 Michael Schaap: 'Who are the early adopters of the FairPhone?'
20.35 Bas van Abel (CEO FairPhone): How FairPhone is changing the world
20.45 Opening pop-up expo: ‘Design for the Future’
21:00 Party time

Nieuwmarkt 4
1012 CR Amsterdam

1 June 2013
20.00 till 01.00 hrs




Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam