FutureEverything 2014


FutureEverything returns in March 2014, with a two day conference, world premières of participatory artworks, and a city-wide programme of innovative live music. Waag will participate with the projects Apps for Europe, Smart CitySDK and the workshop Bio Strike.

Festival as laboratory
Now in its 19th year, FutureEverything brings people together to discover, share and experience new ideas about the future. Pioneering the idea of a ‘festival as laboratory’, it combines innovative art and performance with new technology, insightful discussion and playful social experimentation. The conference brings together over 700 international delegates from design, urbanism, art, business and academia.

The theme for 2014 is ‘Tools for Unknown Futures’, and the festival will explore possibilities for collaborating using new tools, devices and systems ‘to imagine, question and shape the world ahead’. Waag will participate with the projects Apps for Europe and CitySDK and with the workshop Bio Strike.

Projects & workshops by Waag:

  • Bio Strike - Sat 29th March & Sun 30th March, 10.00 to 18.00 - workshop 

    An installation and workshop invites visitors to City Fictions to experience a future when food and DIY biomedical science collide. A kitchen-lab set up in the kitchens of an office building invites you to participate in manufacturing a three-course lunch in petri dish.
  • Apps for Europe - Tue 1st April, 09:30 to 11:30 - conference

    The project Apps for Europe - turning data into business will create a thematic network to organise competitions for using open data, stimulate the winners to start business ventures, and maximise the socio-economic impact and overall benefits of open data. It will contribute to the open data policy of the Commission and stimulate the reuse of public sector information from governmental, scientific and cultural sources.
  • Smart CitySDK - Tue 1st April, 11.30 to 13.00 - conference

    The project Smart CitySDK aims to define services that can help open up data in the fields of Participation, Mobility and Tourism in various cities in Europe. Within this project, Waag is responsible for the domain Mobility



Manchester, United Kingdom