Jury Toon Hackathon

Ivonne Jansen-Dings (project manager at Waag) will be a member of the jury at the 'Toon Hackathon', that will be held between 6-8 March at the location B. Amsterdam. During this event, developers will create new applications for the smart thermostat, Toon. On Sunday, 8 March, all teams will present before the jury, and the winners will be announced that same night.

Toon enables you to communicate with various appliances around the house. Combine your project with any device, open data source, and cloud-based service you want (like the open API’s of Google, NS, or Philips Hue). Do you want to synchronize Toon with your online calendar? Keep track of the average time spent under the shower? Or, advise home owners about insulation? Do you want to work with wearables, geofencing, and data-analysis? You name it, you can go make it! While it's a positive development that Toon is open for hacking, the question remains: what happens to all the data Toon collects?

The Toon Hackathon is organized in cooperation with Appsterdam.


B. Amsterdam, Johan Huizingalaan 763a, Amsterdam