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Mij niet gezien

6-2-20 20:00 - 6-2-20 21:30
Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam

After a great party, an inspiring workshop or a lecture, one views the photographs the day after. You would rather not be in them, but there was no way in which you could have stated that you wanted to stay out of the frame. The Dutch privacy law AVG, that came into effect on May 25th, 2018, states that permission is needed for the collection of personal data. A picture of you at an event is also personal data. Asking for permission does not happen often and can be quite complicated in the practical sense.

Asking for informed consent with all participants? Or, after the event, are you to edit the photos until the people in them are unrecognizable? That's a possibility - but then the data has already been collected. Is it possible to identify the people on these pictures without disproportionate effort? Are there other ways to give people the option of staying unrecognizable at an event? During this debate night on photography and privacy law, we will focus on the restrictions imposed by the AVG law, the urgency of this law and the (symbolic) choices one could make while facing these issues.


20:00 hrs - Introduction by Douwe Schmidt
20:15 hrs - Presentation by Stefano Bocconi (privacy officer Waag)
20:35 hrs - Discussion
21:20 hrs - Recap and closing by Douwe Schmidt
21:30 hrs - End of programme

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