A new Fairphone is coming...

Fairphone has developed a new model. The new smartphone will be presented on 27th August in Berlin, as evidenced by an invitation to the press. Since then, a render of the new phone has appeared, but this might not be the actual model. Fairphone does not yet give details of the new smartphone in the invitation. The company will show the device at its own event and provide more information. The device will probably be called Fairphone 3.

Fairphone 2 sold out

In recent years, the Dutch Fairphone has launched two smartphones. They are partly modular devices that are easy to repair and can be used to replace various parts. The brand focuses on sustainability, fair production and wages for workers. The goal of Fairphone is to enable users to use the device for five years.

In April last year, Fairphone announced that the sale of Fairphone 2 would be discontinued. This device was launched in 2015 and sold around 100,000 copies. The first model was released in 2013.


Fairphone started as a project and public campaign at Waag in 2010 and was established as a social enterprise in 2013.