Open Design Now 100% open!

One and a half year after the release of the book 'Open Design Now, Why Design Cannot Remain Exclusive', the first standard publication in this field, on 12 December 2012 its content will become fully online available on the website opendesignnow.org.

The last three articles:

  • Design and government / Bert Mulder;
  • From best design to just design / Tommi Laitio;
  • Critical making / Matt Ratto);

the final three cases:

  • Thingiverse / Zach Smith;
  • (Un)limited Design Contest / Bas van Abel;
  • (Un)limited Design Contest / Maria Neicu)

and the three remaining pages of the visual index will be published on this date. By than, 100% of the book will be open under a Creative Commons license. Since the book was published, every 25 days one case, one article and one page of the visual index was published online.



Opendesignnow dot org