Open Hardware Future Talk: build-to-order furniture

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On February 11, Fiction Factory, Stykka, and Waag will show the results of their 18 month research for the project 'Open Hardware Future Talks'. Join the free online talks about the potential and benefits of open source hardware product development.

This talk is about the possibilities of open-source sustainable furniture production. Fiction Factory produces build-to-order-furniture in a sustainable way. Stykka prints furniture in Danish Design, based on 3D scans.

This event is part of Open Next. With open-source hardware (OSH) Open Next seeks to empower both companies and consumers to co-design and co-manufacture products based on new mindsets, new business models, and new collaborative software solutions.

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How do we deal with our waste? Within the Open Next project, Bea Vancaillie is researching how to use wood waste from the Fiction Factory workshop in a circular manner, while developing a product following the principles of open source hardware. 



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Open Next has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 869984.