Opening Supre:organism exhibition

Waag & Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen present:
14-09 till 06-10-2019

Festive opening of the exhibition on Saturday 14 September, 15.00. Opening words at 15:30, followed by drinks and music.

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Human space activities can be considered as the pinnacle of modern civilisation. Through the last century, humanity established its presence in outer space, stepped on the Moon’s surface and settled in Earth’s low orbit. What to think of this continuous expansion of our presence, that no other earthly organism has accomplished? 

Waag & Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen present: Supre:organism. While contemporary space exploration has its inclination to life sciences, engineering and industrialisation, Supre:organism highlights an urgency to identify also alternative and critical perspectives of human space efforts.

Over the years, space has been a subject that appeals to the imagination. Both for artists - filmmakers as Walt Disney and suprematists as Kasimir Malevich - and for cosmologists, who study the global structure and evolution of the universe. In this exhibition, artists give their view on humanity again, but now in relation to technology and the environment. They contribute to an understanding, not about "what is there," but "what we become".

Outer space has presented itself as a contemporary condition where humanness is getting redefined. Are human beings in outer space human, technological or ecological? Are they there for their own sake, or to represent others? Supre:organism presents work of artists that confront the established deterministic cosmology with a multiplicity of artistic perspectives in order to expand the understanding of human non-terrestrial becoming. 

On view in and around the fortress (Unesco World Heritage): Eleonore Hellio, Ivan Henriques, Minna Långström, Quadrature,
RYBN, Antti Tenetz and DSTART.

Waag en Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen are supported by the Municipality Haarlemmermeer, Mondriaan Fund, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Mondriaan Fund and CLICK NL.