The shared future of open source hardware

This event took place at Waag and was broadcasted online. The recording is now available on Vimeo.

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 Join Open Next for an intimate deep-dive into the commercial and social potentials of open source hardware manufacturing!

Why should you give away your blueprint for free? In this event, the Open Next consortium consisting of open source researchers, business model experts, design thinkers, makerspaces and companies, invite SMEs, makers and individuals interested in the potentials of open source to join us for an informative evening of keynotes, panel debates, drinks and networking.

The EU project Open Next brings together makerspaces/fablabs and SMEs from across Europe to collaborate on open source product development. Open Next has already successfully led 6 pilot SMEs through the open source development journey. Now, we invite 12 new SMEs to join the 2022 demonstration phase and together with Open Next go from idea to tested prototype and roadmap in just a couple of months.

Join the event to learn key results and findings from the pilot phase. Discover why giving your blueprint away for free is possibly the best idea anyone could have, and dive into the commercial and social potentials of being part of Open Next.

The overarching goal of Open Next is to build a long-lasting ecosystem for open source hardware creation by leveraging the potential of company-community collaboration (C3). Along the way, we’re developing an open source toolkit incorporating everything from Community Building 101 to OS business model development.


  • 1st Keynote: 'Open Source Woodwaste - Cutting down by opening up' with Marije Remigius, Sustainability Manager at Fiction Factory
  • 2nd Keynote: 'Business Potentials and Challenges of an Open Source Hardware future' with Peter Troxler, Research Professor at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.
  • Panel Discussion: 'Giving away your blueprint for free is the best idea you've never had' - a deep-dive into the benefits of betting on an open-source business strategy.

Doors open: 6 PM
Start event: 6:30 PM

Please keep in mind a valid Corona QR code is required to get acces to the event.


To find out more, visit opennext.eu


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Open Next has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 869984.