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STARTS Talk at WeMakeThe.City

For innovation to be of value for society, not only scientific and technological skills are needed. Critical skills and creativity rooted in artistic practices offer valuable contributions. The expertise and practice of artists can directly drive and influence innovation in different fields, like environmental sustainability, area development, or healthcare. Art offers new perspectives, inspires new directions and acts as a catalyst for a successful and socially responsible transformation of new technologies into new products, services, and processes and new economic, social and business models. As part os the STARTS Initiative of the European Commision and the STARTS Prize we organise STARTS Talks to highlight the works of the STARTS Prize winners and residencies in combination with diverse international and local examples of promissing collaborations and explorations between the sciences, technology and the arts. We will discuss how we can make technology more human, citizens more smart and societies more inclusive.

With a Festival Pass of the entrance to this talk is free. Reservation is required.

About the Speakers:

  • Giulia Tomasello - Future Flora
    Giulia Tomasello is the winner of STARTS Prize 2018. She is an Interaction Designer who is passionate about bio-hacking and wants to empower women through her projects in wearable tech and biotech. Would you wear bacteria in your underwear if it would mean a healthier, happier vagina?
  • Sharon Oldenkotte-Vrolijk
    Sharon is director Art & Culture at BPD, a leading European area developer. Their mission is to contribute to creating ‘living environments’, residential areas that are alive in their own right. How can art play a role in completing that mission?
  • Honorary mention STARTS Prize: Ivonne Jansen-Dings - Making Sense
    How can we make citizens resilient to the onset of smart city technologies? Making Sense developed a Citizen Sensing toolkit for bottom-up citizen science - showing how open-source software, open-source hardware, digital maker practices, and open design can be used by local communities to make sense of their environments.

This event is moderated by Lucas Evers, Head of Open Wetlab at Waag.


  • 2:45 PM Doors open
  • 3:00 PM Welcome by Lucas Evers
  • 3:10 PM Case presentations + STARTS Talk
  • 4:30 PM Drinks (at Gustav Mahlerplein)
  • 5:00 PM Grand opening GET LOTS (at Gustav Mahlerplein)
  • 6:00 PM Guided tours GET LOST - art route 2018

Afterwards, you are invited to join the Grand Opening of GET LOST – art route 2018, in front of Circl. After the official opening at 5.00 PM, there will be guided tours, drinks, performances (a.o. at BPD, limited capacity) and an afterparty at Tripolis!

About WeMakeThe.City

WeMakeThe.City is a new international urban innovation festival. From June 20 to 24 we celebrate urban living whilst addressing important urban issues in the metropolitan region of Amsterdam. How can we make our cities better? How do we make better cities? All over the world, including Amsterdam and its metropolitan region, cities are growing rapidly. This growth causes serious problems concerning, for instance, climate, safety, affordable housing, and health. The key question is: what kind of city do we want to live in, in five, ten or fifteen years time? WeMakeThe.City will be searching for answers, together with you and many others. Because together we make the city of the future.


Appointed by the European Commission, from 2016 until 2020, Ars Electronica (Linz), BOZAR (Brussels) and Waag (Amsterdam) are issuing open calls to select the most pioneering collaboration and results in the field of creativity and innovation at the intersections of science and technology with the arts. Previous winners are Rock Print (Gramazio Kohler Research) and I’m Humanity (Etsuko Yakushimaru) (2017) and Artificial Skins and Bones (Artificial Skins and Bones Group) and Magnetic Motion (Iris van Herpen) (2016). The winners of this year’s prize will be announced in June 2018.

STARTS Talks bring prominent practitioners and speakers in combination with STARTS Prize winners, honorary mentions and nominees to present their work and vision on the interactions between science, technology and the arts, its pitfalls and challenges.

The STARTS Prize aims to showcase and celebrate visions and achievements at the interface between innovation and creation. The European Commission’s STARTS Prize initiative is designed to spotlight people and projects that have the potential to make a sustainable positive impact on Europe’s economic, technological, social and ecological future. The competition seeks innovative projects at the nexus of science, technology and the arts.

STARTS Talks are part of the STARTS Prize activities and the STARTS initiative of the EU. STARTS Prize and STARTS Talks are coordinated by Ars Electronica Linz, Bozar and Waag, supported by the European Commission.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732019.




CIRCL, Gustav Mahlerplein 1B, 1082 MK Amsterdam Zuid


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S+T+ARTS Prize has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 956603.