Tegenlicht Meet-Up 'Doktoren met DNA'

Roland van Dierendonck is one of the guests at the Tegenlicht meetup 'Doctoring with DNA' on 13 November at Debatcentrum Sphinx in Maastricht. After watching the episode experts and the audience will discuss CRISPR-Cas and the future of biotechnology.

In February, VPRO visited the BioHack Academy to conduct an CRISPR-Cas experiment, a revolutionary technique that make genetic manipulation accessible for everyone. This episode of Tegenlicht dives into the world of biohacking. Sunday March 25 the episode 'Doctoring with DNA' was broadcasted.

Genetic manipulation, bringing new genes in an organism, is a technique that has far reaching consequences. Soon we will be able to 'repair' dna and prevent diseases. But gene technology also has a dark side. The simplicity and low cost make it accessible to everyone, which can lead to undesirable results. Super bacteria, life threatening viruses or scary mutations?

Read a Dutch article with an interview of Roland van Dierendonk by the VPRO here.

The BioHack Academy #6 will start again in January 2019.


Eifelgebouw, Petrus Regoutplein, Maastricht