Ivonne Jansen-Dings

Ivonne Jansen-DingsHead of Programme

Coming from an interaction design background Ivonne Jansen-Dings worked for Waag for many years as a project manager, project developer and team leader. Her expertise lies in understanding the uncertainties disruptive technologies can bring and building practical bridges between the different stakeholder in involved. Whether this is through agile development approaches, co-creation workshops, hackathons, manifestos, labs, pilots or other types of creative research.

As Head of Programme at Waag she had lead large European projects like Apps for Europe and after that spearheaded our Smart Citizens Lab. From the beginning of the Open Data movement in the Netherlands she has been a vocal advocate of Open Government practices, through projects like Apps for Amsterdam, Code for NL, Making Sense, Clarity and E-Dem.nl. She specialised in the way peer-to-peer technology and bottom-up participation influences the policy making process.