Jurre Ongering

  • Project manager
    Jurre Ongering

    Jurre Ongering works at Waag as project manager for Creative Care Lab and several projects of other labs in the organisation..

    Through previous work experience, Jurre is familiar with front-line and second-line care organizations, the care & nursing sector, and charities.


  • We care
    MakeHealth Lab
    The rise of healthcare costs is an urgent national challenge. Possibilities to limit expenses are being explored by policy makers.
  • We learn
    Creative Learning Lab
    For children, the Internet is something that has always been there. Few children, however, learn how the Internet really works. Who is the boss? And…
  • We care
    MakeHealth Lab
    As a graduate student from the Information Design Department at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Greta Castellana collaborated with the Creative Care…
  • We care
    MakeHealth Lab
    How do we build our own personal history and in which way will we be remembered after our death? Two important questions for concept developer and…
  • We care
    Creative Care Lab
    Within the CHASING project, our Creative Care Lab develops a 'serious game' with Radboud University of Nijmegen and the Sint Maartenskliniek. CHASING…
  • We code
    Future Internet Lab
    It’s the 28th of May. The so-called Big Open and Beautiful meeting is taking place in Pakhuis de Zwijger. On the screen reads “Data for a Better Life…