Co-creation Lab


Many issues across multiple domains simultaneously impact healthcare, education, urban development and the public domain. To combat these 'wicked problems' there is a need for collectively imagining, building, and experiencing new futures. This requires open, transparent, inclusive and creative practices.

Co-creation is an approach to engage stakeholders, end-users and professionals at all levels and through all layers of society, by way of thinking, designing, and building together in multidisciplinary teams. Personalised and unique experiences arise through this process.

The Co-creation Lab is responsible for research into, and development and improvement of co-creation and related methods. The lab connects co-creation with the various themes within Waag's public research practice in other labs. The co-creation lab aggregates and disseminates the knowledge that Waag has in the field of co-creation and other participatory approaches. 

The Co-creation Navigator is the main outlet for open and transparent communication about Waag’s methodology—which will continue to evolve. The Navigator’s outreach strategy will be further optimised and made available as learning tool in various domains.

The Co-creation Lab is made possible by a subsidy of the Fund Creative Industries NL.