Meia Wippoo

  • Concept developer
    Meia Wippoo

    Meia Wippoo is concept designer and educational developer for Waag’s Creative Learning Lab and Future Heritage Lab, but also works on projects of Future Internet Lab. She specialises in storytelling, behavioural change, method development, embodied learning and design thinking. Meia both designs media applications and products and develops educational programs, workshops and events for various themes and audiences.

    Meia has two Master of Art degrees; one from the University of Amsterdam (Media Studies) and the University of the Arts Utrecht (Concept and Direction). She also studied te become a primary school teacher when she started working at Waag. This combined background comes in handy on a daily basis.

    Prior to working for Waag Meia was a freelance concept designer and educator. Meia also has been active in various boards. She was vice-chair for VERS (the largest network organisation in The Netherlands for film- and television makers) for three years, lead the media team of that same organisation for two years, and organised lectures and inspirational talks for media professionals.


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