Meia Wippoo

  • Concept developer
    Meia Wippoo

    Meia Wippoo is the lead of the Co-creation Lab of Waag, and concept developer for several labs linked to education, heritage and government.

    The Co-creation Lab is responsible for research into, and development and improvement of, co-creation and related methods. Meia works within the lab with a variety of contexts and with people from different backgrounds. She facilitates and supports various co-creation projects and is responsible for fine-tuning Waag's co-creation method. She does this among other things by adding principles of team building and behavioral sciences, and making them more accessible, according to the values ​​of Waag: open, fair and inclusive. The co-creation navigator is one of the most important exponents of the Co-creation Lab.

    As a concept developer, Meia has designed media applications and products, and has developed educational programs, workshops and events, with a special focus on storytelling, ‘embodiment’ and shared experiences. She was responsible for the development and design of the "Moodroom", "Superhero Island", the Hortus Chat app, the toolkit for open education data, and the training programs in BigPicnic and Cities4People.

 Meia is also a guest lecturer and teaches design thinking and co-creation at art academies and universities.

She completed studies at the UvA (MA Media Studies) and the HKU (EMMA Concept and Direction), did the part-time Pabo at the HvA, and is currently enrolled at HMC Amsterdam to become a furniture maker.


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