Meia Wippoo - portret door Jimena Gauna

Meia WippooLead Co-creation Lab

Meia Wippoo was the lead of the Co-creation Lab of Waag, and concept developer for several labs linked to education, heritage and government.

The Co-creation Lab was responsible for research into, and development and improvement of, co-creation and related methods. Meia worked within the lab with a variety of contexts and with people from different backgrounds. She facilitated and supported various co-creation projects and was responsible for fine-tuning Waag's co-creation method. She did this among other things by adding principles of team building and behavioral sciences, and making them more accessible, according to the values ​​of Waag: open, fair and inclusive. The co-creation navigator is one of the most important exponents of the Co-creation Lab.

As a concept developer, Meia has designed media applications and products, and has developed educational programs, workshops and events, with a special focus on storytelling, ‘embodiment’ and shared experiences. She was responsible for the development and design of the "Moodroom", "Superhero Island", the Hortus Chat app, the toolkit for open education data, and the training programs in BigPicnic and Cities4People.

 Meia is also a guest lecturer and teaches design thinking and co-creation at art academies and universities.

She completed studies at the UvA (MA Media Studies) and the HKU (EMMA Concept and Direction), did the part-time Pabo at the HvA, and studied furniture making at HMC Amsterdam.

Closed projects

Participatie Waternet
Smart Citizens Lab

Participation @ Waternet

Waternet strives to make the participative approach their standard approach in working, when possible and relevant. Waag's Smart Citizen Lab, aimed at citizen science, will help Waternet in taking the first step from pilots to a new policy.
Een man weeft jacquard in het Haus der Seidenkultur
Future Heritage Lab


In Mingei 9 European partners collaborated to digitise and unlock the (in)tangible aspect of crafts.
Makerbox Waag
Maker Education Lab

Waag Makerbox

By making it yourself, you learn better how 'things' and 'systems' are put together and you can get creative with technology yourself.
Co-creation navigator map
Co-creation Lab

Co-creation navigator

Co-creation is a powerful way to deal with 'wicked problems' and innovate your professional practice.
MUV Buitenveldert
Future Internet Lab

Mobility Urban Values

Mobility Urban Values (MUV) is a three-year European project that examines how to engage citizens with 'gamification' in stimulating towards sustainable mobility choices in their neighbourhood.
DO IT - Maakplaats 021
Maker Education Lab


DO IT contributes to youth employment and to create new jobs in the social economy by nurturing in young pupils seeds for active social innovation: entrepreneurial mind-sets, knowhow and skills.
Hortus Chat app
Future Heritage Lab

Hortus Chat app

Hortus Chat is a smartphone application for visitors to engage in a dialogue with plants.
Amsterdam IJ
Co-creation Lab


Cities-4-People is a three year project that aims to implement a pilot program running at five urban and peri-urban areas where citizens, city authorities and innovation experts will work together as ‘communities’ to define the transport and mobility challenges and priorities that interest them, co-design ideas and concepts, put these concepts to the real test and then scale up those more potent.
Big Picnic
Co-creation Lab


Within the BigPicnic project, 18 European partners worked together to bring 'food security' to the attention of their city's citizens.