The world needs a new generation of critical makers and designers. Maker education can help with that. The campaign 'The ABC of Making' was an initiative of the Dutch Platform Maker Education (Fabklas, Frysklab and Waag) in collaboration with and other partners in The Netherlands. 

The ABC of making

The campaign consisted of a movie, a website ( and a maker week. With The ABC of Making we wanted to reach pupils, teachers, school boards, educational professionals and parents in The Netherlands, to engage them in the wonderful world of making and to inspire them to start making themselves.

The website (in Dutch) is a visual dictionairy and a handy starting point for all who want to make something. A huge collection of projects, books, tools, online movies and information. All make projects were collected and shared under the hashtag #watmaakjij.

Project duration

1 Dec 2016 - 1 Aug 2017