The government holds a large amount of information about citizens. It processes it in relation to various services. There is often a lack of clarity about what data is collected about citizens and how it is used. How can citizens gain insight into the data processing that affects them? It is very important that citizens have insight into what information about them is collected and processed, and to whom can turn to should they wish to object.

To promote transparency (including about data processing), the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations launched the Open Government Action Plan 2023-2027 in August 2023, in cooperation with the civil society coalition 'Over Informatie Gesproken'. This action plan aims to bring about a culture change within government organisations by improving the accessibility of information, involving citizens in decision-making processes and encouraging a cultural shift towards more openness.

Waag Futurelab investigates how citizens can get 'grip on their own data'. We will analyse existing tools that the government currently makes available to give citizens insight into data that the government processes about them. Waag will incorporate the results into a clear infographic, which we will share publicly. We are also exploring ways to further develop the tools, with the aim of increasing openness and transparency in the relationship between government and citizens.

Project duration

1 Sept 2023 - 31 Mar 2024