Today's major societal challenges require us to unite and connect. Sustainability, social inequality, diversity and digitalisation require self-organisation and a stronger local economy. Smaller connections are important to address these challenges democratically and in solidarity. The call for a different economy is everywhere: what kind of economy do we really want? At the same time, a new economy movement is emerging, in which initiatives and businesses are flourishing that are democratic in ownership and governance, and create value for the neighbourhood or region. The democratic and collaborative model of the commons is often an inspiration here.

To drive this community economy in Amsterdam, Waag has founded MeentCoop with a number of other civil society organisations. In it, Waag works to further develop public-civil partnerships in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. To this end, we collaborate with civil society organisations, cooperative enterprises and the municipality and continue to look for new partnerships, people and income.

MeentCoop will support the new generation of initiatives in the community economy. We will do this by building and strengthening an ecosystem around the community economy. We expand the network and provide knowledge exchange, both in person and online. We also develop an infrastructure at legal, financial, governance and digital level for the benefit of the ecosystem.

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MeentCoop is a collaborational project by Commons Network, KasKantine, Oranje Energie, 02025, HvA Center for Economic Transformation, StadmakersCooperatie, Stichting SW-SL, Ru Paré, Gemeente Amsterdam and Waag Futurelab.

Project duration

1 Jan 2023 - 31 Dec 2024