Judith Veenkamp

Judith VeenkampLead Urban Ecology Lab & Head of Life Programme

Judith Veenkamp is the lead of Waag's Urban Ecology Lab and head of Life programme at Waag.

Judith has a passion for new technologies and data solutions for societal issues. She develops concepts and shapes projects to create innovative solutions together with citizens and stakeholders. 

Judith previously worked as a communication advisor on the edge of governance, policy and citizenship at EMMA. She studied Politics, Conflict Studies and Human Rights at University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University. In her spare time she is part of DataMission: a network that connects organisations with a social mission to data scientists, developers and coders.

Current projects

Satellietbeeld Lutkemeerpolder
Urban Ecology Lab

Voedselpark Amsterdam

Waag Futurelab, Stichting Voedselpark Amsterdam and artist Esra Sakir, investigate the relationship between het Voedselpark and the Nieuw-West neighbourhood. What role does food and local food production play for the neighbourhood?
Hackathon de groene stad
Smart Citizens Lab

The Energy Transition in the Amsterdam Metropolis

How can the position of social initiative be strengthened so that they can produce 33% of electricity and heat demand in the Amsterdam metropolitan region by 2050?
Co-creatie public stack summit Waag
Smart Citizens Lab

Science in the Cloud

The project Science in the Cloud researches how online platform KennisCloud should be designed for scientists, citizen scientists and knowledge institutions to collaborate on social and scientific issues.
Beveiligingscamera in de stad
Smart Citizens Lab

Human Values for Smarter Cities

In Human Values for Smarter Cities, Waag Futurelab investigates the process of procurement when applying smart city technology in public spaces.
FabLearn onderwijsconferentie
Smart Citizens Lab

Imagining public connectivity

The lack of meaningful imaginaries about 5G and the knowledge concentration within industries are catalysts of public distrust. We aim to create a shared knowledge base among citizens and governments to include citizens in official local decision-making processes around 5G.
Platformcoöp Accelerator
Smart Citizens Lab


With a broad coalition of social organisations, Waag works to strengthen the local, cooperative community economy in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.
Smart Citizens Lab


Together with citizens, investigative journalists and scientists, Waag research heat stress in the Netherlands.
Opening Planet B @ Amsterdam Science Park
Urban Ecology Lab


Within T-Factor, Waag will help enrich and steer the Amsterdam Science Park masterplan towards urban ecology-related innovation and enterprise.
NWA route Smart Liveable Cities
Smart Citizens Lab

NWA Route Smart Liveable Cities

Waag organises the route management around public programmes relating to ‘Smart, liveable cities’, aiming to better connect science with society.
Woman with sensor
Smart Citizens Lab

Hollandse Luchten

Hollandse Luchten is a citizens science project where we involve citizens in measuring air quality in their environment in the Province of North Holland.

Closed projects

Mensen in een groene omgeving met op de achtergrond een kas met zonnepanelen
Smart Citizens Lab

Social Initiative in the Energy Transition

Commissioned by the Nationaal Klimaat Platform (NKP), Waag Futurelab worked on the design of a programme on Social Initiative in the Energy Transition.
expeditie toekomst
Smart Citizens Lab

Public Civil Cooperation

In this project, Waag investigates new knowledge and process models, which support sustainable cooperation between citizens and governments.
Waag_Microbiome Center_Gezond leven
Smart Citizens Lab

Healthy life, healthy microbiome

Waag and the Microbiome Center are joining forces to research how technological solutions contributing to more control for patients in diseases related to their microbiome.
Data visualisation - data graphics
Smart Citizens Lab

Shared Cities, Smart Citizens

This project examines the conditions for building a future smart city. Public values and the rights and needs of citizens play a central role.
opening planet b
Smart Citizens Lab

Tipping the Balance

The aim of Tipping the Balance is to investigate which factors and strategies play a role in encouraging citizens to make healthier food choices.
Participatie Waternet
Smart Citizens Lab

Participation @ Waternet

Waternet strives to make the participative approach their standard approach in working, when possible and relevant. Waag's Smart Citizen Lab, aimed at citizen science, will help Waternet in taking the first step from pilots to a new policy.
Sentinel Citizen. (c) Copernicus, CAMS.
Smart Citizens Lab

Sentinel Citizen

Sentinel Citizen connects air quality data generated by citizen measurements of the project Hollandse Luchten, with data from satellites of the European Space Agency.
Dutch Design Week - Embassy of Health
Smart Citizens Lab

Embassy of Health

The Embassy of Health explores challenges within healthcare and unites different perspectives on the crossings of technology, design, science, arts and healthcare.
Cyclists in Amsterdam
Commons Lab

Mobility Lab Bicycledatacommons

The Mobility Lab Bicycledatacommons explores the role of data commons in the usage of bicycle data.
Digitale Identiteit visual
Future Internet Lab

Digital Identity Lab

The Digital Identity Lab looked for new ideas, concepts and concrete tools that can include a reliable and secure digital identity.
Amsterdam Sounds project
Smart Citizens Lab

Amsterdam Sounds

Making cooperative tools for civic participation and citizen science in the field of noise pollution.
Co-creation navigator map
Co-creation Lab

Co-creation navigator

Co-creation is a powerful way to deal with 'wicked problems' and innovate your professional practice.
MUV Buitenveldert
Future Internet Lab

Mobility Urban Values

Mobility Urban Values (MUV) is a three-year European project that examines how to engage citizens with 'gamification' in stimulating towards sustainable mobility choices in their neighbourhood.
Amsterdam IJ
Co-creation Lab


Cities-4-People is a three year project that aims to implement a pilot program running at five urban and peri-urban areas where citizens, city authorities and innovation experts will work together as ‘communities’ to define the transport and mobility challenges and priorities that interest them, co-design ideas and concepts, put these concepts to the real test and then scale up those more potent.