Stef van den Broek, Communicator, Jimena Gauna, 2021.

Stef van den BroekAnalyst & Communicator

Stef van den Broek was an analyst and communicator within the Interface team. In this dual position he conducted research into the impact of Waag in the broadest sense of the word, as part of Waag's ambition to redefine and accurately measure its impact. Next to this, Stef was responsible for the communication outings of the Future Internet Lab and Commons Lab of Waag.

Current projects


Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash
Future Internet Lab
How innovative online revenue models can improve the independence of makers.


Open Wetlab
In BioCommons, we investigate how we as a society can deal with our biological and genetic data, and how this data can be seen as a commons.

Proof of Provenance

Digitale Identiteit visual
Future Internet Lab
Tackling disinformation by guaranteeing the authenticity of messages? Waag is working on a way to do this through digital certificates.


Evening air traffic in Europe
Future Internet Lab
ACROSS improves privacy-friendly data exchange between EU member states' public services.

Public Stack Design Proces

Public Stack Summit
Future Internet Lab
Together with INFO, TU Delft (Cities of Things Lab), Waag dives into the design process of an open source service and a commercial service.


Chris Julien bij Nieuwsuur
Future Internet Lab
DEPS (Digital European Public Spaces) has the goal to research and facilitate digital European public spaces that are open, democratic, and sustainable.


Amsterdam bicycles mobility
Commons Lab
Urbanite will analyse the impact, trust and attitudes of stakeholders with respect to the integration of disruptive technologies in the mobility sector.


Health and DNA
Open Wetlab
GeneConsent gives genetic research participants complete control over their data by providing a dynamic informed consent service.

Contemporary Commoning

Contemporary Commoning
Commons Lab
The research project Contemporary Commoning focuses on the ways the commons can contribute to new forms of (digital) public space and initiate different forms of urban development.

Open Next

Open Next - Embassy of Health DDW
Open Design Lab
Today’s mass-produced product creation is expensive, risky and unsustainable. SMEs and maker communities across Europe are coming together to fundamentally change the way we create, produce, and distribute products.