Fair Meter Initiative launched

Netbeheer Netherlands, Alliander and Waag took the initiative for a fair energy meter at the conference Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2012 in Amsterdam RAI. The Fair Meter Initiative contributes to a sustainable future for the energy sector. In the coming years we change to smart power meters that give consumers insight into their energy consumption. But is the production of these smart meters also durable and transparent?

Like our project FairPhone, the Fair Meter Initiative calls people to work together to achieve fair and sustainable standards: fair mining, fair production of raw materials and of the smart meter, and ultimately fair insight for the users.

During the fair in the RAI ​​a start is made: in order to actively involve the visitors in the development of the Fair Meter Initiative, workshops and demonstrations take place in the Fair Meter Initiative's stand. Participants get the chance to separate parts and build their 'ideal' meter, during which they discuss the reuse of materials and the origin of the raw materials.