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Fairphone wins Fontanel Public Award

This year the public voted for Fairphone (Bas van Abel) as the winner of the Fontanel Public Award at the Dutch Design Awards 2013. Fairphone was nominated in the new Future Concepts category.

During the DDA exhibition, part of Dutch Design Week, one could vote for his/her favourite finalist of 2013. It was also possible to vote online. Fairphone was initiated by means of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. A nice combination: created by the public and now the public’s favourite of DDA 2013. This shows the appreciation for practical sustainable solutions to existing systems in which the designer plays an essential role.

The selection committee assigned six finalists in total. All of them offer special solutions or concepts within social themes like health care, mobility, safety or (new) energy. 

Finalists 2013

The selection committee (Koert van Mensvoort, Jeroen van Erp, Bart Hengeveld, Marleen Stikker and Paul Gardien) selected the following finalists from the open call and the scouted work:

  • NANO Supermarket | NextNature
  • Fairphone | Waag
  • The Incredible Shrinking Man | Arne Hendriks
  • Supporting Women during Labor | Philips Design Healthcare team
  • Ik ben Ster(k) | Emilia Louisa Pucci
  • hint | Chris Gruijters

More information: www.dutchdesignawards.nl